APMEP in brief

Founded in 1910, APMEP is an association which:

- is voluntary and totally independent of politics and trade unions
- represents mathematics teachers from nursery school to university
- is the only professional organisation for secondary school teachers (11 to 18 years old students)

APMEP is simultaneously concerned with:

- syllabuses contents
- skills required from students
- teaching and training methods
- timetables and class sizes, and especially class splitting
- the harmonisation between key stages
- the improvement of the mathematics status as a training tool rather than a selection tool

APMEP is a place for:

- freedom of speech and the confrontation of ideas
- cooperative approaches to self learning
- proposals for a mathematics teaching policy

APMEP plays a part in:

- defending its positions, particularly about fundamental concerns as those expressed above
- bringing in new tools (calculators, geometry software, calculation software…)
- making developments and team approaches easier (initial and continuing training, maths laboratories…)

APMEP takes action to: preserve, give, or restore:

- a taste for mathematics
- the pleasure of doing it

For APMEP, doing mathematics means:

- identifying and formulating a problem
- testing examples
- conjecturing a result
- collecting proof
- implementing theoretical tools
- checking results and their relevance
- presenting a research, a solution
- simultaneously developing

the individual and collective works of students

the sense of listening and debating


imagining skills ,having a critical mind, being consistent and rigorous

Doing mathematics is useful for:

the development of the intellect social and cultural life professional life